How to Use Centova


Whether you're a ShoutCast newbie or a seasoned streaming professional, Centova Cast makes it easy to configure your stream.

Common options are included in the first few tabs, while advanced options are tucked away in additional tabs.


In addition to providing total control over your streaming server, Centova Cast also provides comprehensive autoDJ system. Never again will your clients need to rely on their own PC to broadcast their stream!

When enabled, clients may upload their media (MP3s, etc.) directly to the server via FTP, manage their media through Centova Cast's comprehensive AJAX Media Library system (described in the following slide), and schedule their media using Centova Cast's advanced playlist scheduling system (also described on an upcoming slide).

This provides a complete, all-in-one solution for setting up an Internet radio station.

Media Library

Centova Cast's AJAX media library brings a familiar, desktop-style media management interface to the web.

Media can be searched or browsed by artist, album, title, or genre.

Tracks can be added to a playlist simply by dragging and dropping them on the desired playlist. This drag-and-drop functionality can be used to instantly schedule the selected tracks to play at a given time, or on a repeating schedule.

Playlist Scheduling

Centova Cast supports multiple playlists for each stream, each of which can be scheduled to play media at certain times or according to specific criteria.

Using a combination of the available playlist types, you can achieve total control over your media scheduling, and completely eliminate the need for expensive third-party source software to schedule your tracks.

General Rotation Playlists

General rotation playlists can be "weighted" to play more popular music more often, and less popular music less frequently.

Interval Playlists

Interval playlists play on a recurring basis; either every few minutes, or after every few songs. These are ideal for jingles, station identification, and advertisements.

Scheduled Playlists

Scheduled playlists play at a specific date and time (optionally recurring), and are ideal for daily/weekly countdowns, pre-recorded shows, and weather forecasts.

Immediate Playlists

Immediate playlists play immediately when they are activated (after the current song completes). They are ideal for spur-of-the-moment playback of tracks such as requested songs or announcement.

Music Licensing/Royalty Reports

Centova Cast provides monthly, downloadable spreadsheets containing the complete list of songs you've played on your stream in the past month, including detailed information about the date, time, and audience of each performance.

A performance summary spreadsheet is also available (not shown) which provides aggregate reports on the playback frequency, number of performances, and monthly TLH for each song.

These reports can greatly simplify the royalty reporting process required by many music licensing agencies.

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